Artificial Intelligence
Rs. 5,200 (including certification and other materials)

We humans are working and developing technology day by day with our sharp-minded strategy and thinking power capability which makes us different from machines because we have a decision, making capabilities inside us. As time passes away humans and technical

teams are developing technologies that work just like humans with the help of A.I which can have the capabilities as we humans.

Artificial Intelligence is a program which are developed for machines in order to perform as humans. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the technology of the future that will be most demanding in nature in Apple, Google, Microsoft or etc., everything will depend upon this A.I. In today’s world every company is working on this technology.

The government of India is thinking about skill development but no about automation skill development.

We are expecting that the coming 2050 will be the year of A.I can control themselves by their own by making decisions. The jobs which do not have critical analysis, are repetitive in nature, have no critical thinking, no research base or do not super specialty will lose their job. Those who are continuously Evolving themselves, making revolutions from time to time don’t have to worry much about it because they are adapting A.I. concept in themselves. Jobs like receptionist, factory laborer, and driver can lose their job which can be done by Robots because these works are repeatable same.

People with the mentality to have Government jobs due to a stress-free environment can lose their job and futures by coming within 10 years. People with think and joining of themselves with Robots will succeed more in their life. The work which can be done by anyone can be done by Robots even, but the work with Super specialized like needs of Intelligent ability, critical thinking, analytical abilities, research work, and continuous upgradation will be in safe hands. Those work with heavy cost investment will be replaced y A.I. Example: AMAZON GO.

Objectives of this course are:

  • Concepts relating to gathering data and its proper analysis for usage and applications.
  • Understand how human intelligence can be incorporated in machines.
  • How to make machines communicate like humans
  • Usage of various application tools for face detection, robotics and speech recognition.

Syllabus are:

  1. Overview of A.I
  2. Data & Algorithm
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Artificial Neural Networks
  5. Applications

As this field are currently fully open in our area, so you can rule the area by your skill of A.I and can earn maximum of it as wages.